Maintenance and services

Datatel Maintenance Contracts

At Datatel, we are aware of how important it is to keep your new system maintained and serviced. We can offer you a comprehensive contract to give you peace of mind that you are getting the most out of your new system, and that any potential problems are recognized early. Datatel is committed to building long term relationships with clients. Our team of fully qualified and experienced engineers is available for on the spot maintenance, technical support, repairs and even 24/7 call-outs depending on what level of cover you choose.

Maintenance contacts can be offered on any system installed by Datatel including CCTV, data cabling, AV systems, and access control. It may also be possible to supply contracts for systems NOT installed by Datatel. However, we would need to audit the system currently in place before we could offer a maintenance contract.

CCTV Maintenance Contracts

The most popular type of contract we supply is for CCTV systems… Regardless of which security system you choose, it is crucial that regular maintenance of your equipment is carried out to ensure that your system is working efficiently. Even the most expensive equipment can deteriorate over time. A maintenance contract will mean your CCTV system is working optimally and is less likely to develop complications in the future.

Datatel can offer maintenance and service contracts on a six-monthly or annual basis. Our experienced engineers can service and repair/replace any faulty equipment if necessary. Maintenance contracts can be arranged to reflect the correct service intervals for your specific equipment. This means you are keeping your system compliant with current standards and therefore meeting any insurance requirements.

Maintenance Contract

Example of our maintenance schedule…

  • Inspect all major system components and connections for any sign of damage.
  • Inspect control equipment such as DVRs, hard-drives and monitors.
  • Adjustment of cameras if necessary
  • Check mains and power supplies.
  • Check the time and date settings on all equipment.
  • Check the integrity of all CCTV system cabling for signs of visible damage.
  • Clean all cameras and lenses (this includes camera housing).
  • Check any brackets and fixings for possible damage.
  • Check that brackets and fixings are tightened correctly.
  • Check all camera and alarm pre-sets.

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